The Weekend Warrior Workout

Ahh..the end of another workday.

It’s 5 O’ clock somewhere, so you decide to sneak out a little early because as a busy dad who is committed to staying fit you are looking forward to hitting the gym for a quick workout before you head home to join your family for dinner.

But before you leave the office, your wife calls you to remind you to pick up the kids from soccer practice, drop into the supermarket to get something for dinner, and to pickup her dry cleaning which is on “your way.”

Oh, the life of a busy dad. Which means your workout has been blown once again, and this isn’t the first time.

So you think how in the hell can I stick to even a simple 3 day a week workout plan?

Well, thanks to The Weekend Warrior Workout, you won’t have to.

I know, sometimes life gets in the way of your workouts, but if sometimes because most-of-the-time, you’re not going to get the results your looking for no matter how good your workout routine looks on paper.

Rather than suggest you “tell your wife to do it”, when she hits you with unexpected errands, I have a better solution..and it won’t cost you your marriage!

Why don’t we design your workout schedule around YOUR work schedule, opposed to trying to fit it into the common Monday-Wednesday-Friday routine which is the busiest days of the week for a lot of us.

Bring on The Weekend Warrior Workout. Which is a 2 day a week workout plan that only requires 2 back to back workouts on Saturday and Sunday. This program requires that you are willing to dedicate time on your weekends to 2 intense workouts.

Yes…I did say intense because what you miss in QUANTITY, you will make up for in QUALITY. These workouts will not be your 10 minute fluff workouts using soup cans.

These 2 workouts will take at least an hour each and require some real-man hard work and intensity, so don’t complain or make excuses, after all, you have all week long to get over it!

I also recommend that you workout in the morning if at all possible for mainly two reasons.

#1 . You won’t have any chance of blowing off these workouts if things come up during the rest of the day.

These are your only scheduled workouts for the week so you have to make them count.

#2. You want to take advantage of maximizing your metabolism early in the day so your body will be primed for burning fat and building muscle all weekend long. So if you are going to be a weekend warrior, you have to save your energy for your weekend workouts, so staying out late at the bar with the guys from work when you finish up on Friday isn’t going to put you onto the path to being the fittest dad on the playground .

A man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do. So it’s time to step up to the plate and knock out the excuses with the Weekend Workout…

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